Monday, February 20, 2017

The beginning

In August 2012, I lived in Jacksonville, NC, near Camp LeJeune.  Some how, I ended up on my own, without a family.  I don't know how long I lived on the street. My pawrents don't think it was for a long time since I'm not much on the outdoors, don't like loud noises, thunder, and prefer sleeping in the bed with my people.

My first day in my new home.
I had been looking for a friendly family that might want me to live with them, since some how I lost mine. I found a cute house and it looked dog friendly. So I scratched on the door and they let me in.  This was Josh and LeeAnna's house - niece and nephew to my pawrents, Mike and Donna. They took me in, checked all the local shelters and posted my picture in the paper.  Nobody claimed me.  Since Josh and LeeAnna had two dogs and a cat, they needed to find a good home for me.

They posted a picture on something called FaceBook and my pawrents both thought I'd be a great addition to their home. They loved my ears.  They had lost a dog, named Shelby, a few years before and were ready to open their home and heart to me.  My mom wanted to call me FiFi (I think she was just teasing my dad) but thankfully, Dad said NO WAY to FiFi - so my new name was Lily.

My pawrents drove down to Norfolk to meet Josh, Avia and Tristan to pick me up. We had a great day and then we headed back to Gainesville, VA, which would be my new home. When we got in the house, I immediately launched into what my pawrents called the army crawl. I crawl around on my belly, smiling and wiggling my tail in's a real show stopper.  I'm not sure I can do the army crawl with 3 legs, but I might give it a try soon.

My new home had two cats living there. Chef and Callie. They were okay.  We kind of left each other alone.  But Chef and I became friends. Sadly, he died a few years ago.

I'm so happy that my pawrents picked me.  I love living here with them and I love them. They take good care of me and I sleep in the bed, get yummy food, and lots and lots of love.

Here are a couple of pics from my first couple of days with them.

Me and my mom.

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