Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Chemotherapy - Treatment Begins

Dr. Torres told my pawrents and me, that I had something called Lymphoma - and that to help me get better I would need medicine called chemotherapy. She told us that I would need 25 weeks of treatment and we needed to start right away.

So my first treatment wasn't so bad.  I just got a shot and we waited around for 30 minutes to be sure there was no reaction.  I didn't get sick or anything. I took extra naps, but that was it.  But Dr. Torres explained that the treatments would vary and some weeks I'd have to stay at the hospital all day for monitoring because some of the drugs can make me very sick, in addition to killing cancer cells.

Everyone is so nice to me at VRC-NOVA . They make me feel like a rock star when I come in.  I'm going to have my mom bake them something yummy!

Next up - Life as a TriPawd - How I'm getting around.

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