Thursday, February 23, 2017

Learning about Canine Cancer

My mom has had to learn a lot about canine cancer really fast. Both my pawrents wanted to give me the best chance to beat cancer and live a long time.  I'm kinda glad about that.  I have lots more walks to take, balls to fetch, and love to share.

My mom has been reading books and online articles.  Once of the best books that she has been reading is the The Cancer Survival Guide. This book is pretty big and since I can't read, I've had to let mom take care of this part of my treatment. She uses a yellow marker and some little sticky pieces of paper to mark places she wants to go back to.  She spends time reading parts of the book out loud to my dad.

My regular vet, Dr. Dove, at Companion Animal Clinic, is the one who sent us over to Veterinary Referral Center. Dr. Bradley did my surgery and Dr. Torres is handling my chemotherapy. Since my mom believes in holistic treatment as well, Dr. Rebecca Verna at Paws for Holistic Pet Care, is handling my accupuncture and massage therapy which helps me handle the side effects from the Chemo. She also prescribed some things called chinese herbals and some other pills called Apocaps CX and K9 Immunity. These pills help my body become healthier and fight the nasty cancer cells in my body.  I have a great medical team assembled and we are all working hard to beat this disease. My mom also changed what I eat something called RAW - because what you eat really makes a difference when you are fighting cancer.  I'll tell you about the food another time.

In my next post, I'll tell you about my first chemo treatment.


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