Monday, February 20, 2017

My Leg Was Hurting

In early January, I started limping and not using my right rear leg.  It had been hurting for a little while, but I'm a tough girl AND the alpha dog in the house, so letting anyone see me in pain is not how I roll.  However, eventually it hurt to get on the couch and go up and down the steps.
My last night at home with 4 legs.

My pawrents thought it was my knee cap issue known as a luxating patella. So my mom took me to the vet.  They took a look at me and gave me some meds for inflammation and pain, but over the weekend I got worse. So mom called my doctor and made an appointment with a holistic vet. She thought since the chiropractor helps her, they could help me too.

Resting at home after surgery
I liked Dr. V. She was very sweet to me, but she was concerned about my limping and told my mom that I needed a sedation x-ray to see what was going on with my leg.  It took a week, but we finally got it. Dr. D. called my mom to the back for a talk and to show her my x-rays.  He told my mom that there was something bad going on in a bone called the femur and that it was either a bone infection or cancer. My mom was very scared.  I wasn't sure what they were talking about, but I knew my mom was upset.  My leg was hurting all the time now, but I knew my pawrents would do everything they could to make me feel better, cuz that's what your pawrents are supposed to do.  Dr. D. said that most likely, I would need me leg amputated! What the heck? I'm just a little girl who needed all my legs...I liked it that way.

My first day home.  I hated the cone, but I couldn't resist licking.
On February 1st, I went to another nice doctor office and met Dr. B. He came right up to me and talked to me and petted me. I liked him.  Then he talked to my pawrents and said that my leg was never going to get better and it needed to be removed. My mom and dad were very sad and concerned, but they knew that to make me feel better, that I would need to become a TriPawd doggie. So my mom and dad carried me back to the surgery area. Mom brought my blankie, so I would feel better while I waited for surgery. The people there were all very nice to me.  That was my last day with 4 legs.

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